Namecheap - How to install free auto-renewed Let's Encrypt SSLwith 2 easy commands (2022)


I will keep it short in simple steps, if this works please comment below so others can follow (please consider clicking on the ads to support me)

1. Go to the website below and navigate to your CPanel:

2. In the search box on the top, find "Terminal". Note: if you don't have Terminal, you need to chat with support and ask them to enable Terminal/SSH access. It's not enabled by default.

3. Do not navigate anywhere else in your terminal, run the command below in stall ACME. Note that cronjob will be automatically installed at this step so you don't need to set up cronjob later.

curl | sh

4. Do not navigate anywhere else in your terminal again, run the command below to install the SSH Certificate for your web. Note that I usually include both www and non-www version in 1 command. --issue -d -d -w /home/youruserfolder/yourwebfolder --server letsencrypt

(note that before the command is a dot) 

If you only have 1 website or want to install it to your main website, replace /yourwebfolder with /public_html

5. Done, I hope you find this helpful!


If you have any questions, please feel free to comment down here or reach me on my facebook page. I will get back to you as soon as I can! Thank you.


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